"Bless you. You have been in my gratitude prayers recently, for: helping me progress in my spiritual growth, showing consistant loving support & generosity and helping me to sacrifice my ego 'cos lets face it...she's a pain in the butt! You are literally a life changer & world shaker...those little breezes you feel stroking your face as you walk your dog in the mornings, is actually your spirit guides winking at you! ;o) love IS the way xx"

Magazine Editor


"What an amazing journey I had with Urtema. It was a journey of discovery, self love, gratitude and healing.

Uterma is intuitive and so supportive and she guided me to find clarity and to boldly set my intentions. The sound journeys were magical and Urtema taught me how to raise my energy and stay grounded. These are lessons I will always cherish.
Thank you Urtema. You are wonderful.

Danielle - Diplomat and Confidence Coach

"Urtema, what you do is priceless ! "

Maya Y.
Musician , Healer


'I signed up for a course is sessions on the recommendation f a close friend . I had no idea what to expect .
I can barely remember the person I was at the start of the sessions . Urtema guides with such unconditional love , deep intuition and beautiful sound journeys. I've never had such amazing experiences journeying with sounds in the copper pyramid. I have recommended her to everyone I know who will listen . If you want to change things in your life , to shift , heal and grow , go and see amazing Urtema.

Paul W


"Thank you Urtema ❤❤❤
I am so grateful for you honestly, the space you hold for me is sacred and unconditional and I appreciate you"

Trainee Counsellor


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