About Me

Early years

One of my earliest and most vivid childhood memories is of dreaming that I could fly. This dream was a recurrent nightly event from which I would awaken with the feeling that I had truly been flying , that somehow this had been much more than just a dream. So affected was I that as a child, I truly believed that I could fly. Many an hour was spent jumping from a low wall in the garden, flapping my arms vigorously-to no avail.


Alas, I was like Dorothy. Grounded on the earth while wistfully singing, ' birds fly over the rainbow , why then,o why, can't I?'

I truly believed in magic. I saw it everywhere, in nature, in the sky at night, in a rainbow, in the shapes of the clouds as they raced ever-changing across a summer blue sky. Even in the air , which everybody insisted was invisible, I could see silver sparkles and swirling patterns of shifting energy. Faeries were also visible to me.I would spend hours in the garden playing with the faeries and when older,I asked for a little part of the garden for myself in which I planted pretty flowers and decorated with shells and pebbles collected on trips to the seaside.

I grew older and wiser and for fear of ridicule or worse, learned to keep my mouth shut. I felt like a cat in a kennel, as though somehow I'd landed on the wrong planet.As if there was so much more to life than anybody was letting on. It was a lonely path.

With very few clear memories of my childhood, one incident that sticks out in my mind is a hot summers day when I was 8 or 9. I had become obsessed by a book about female saints and in particular the life of Joan of Arc whose life story touched me deeply.

On that day, lying on my back gazing at the sky, I made a solemn vow to God to be of service to him and the angels.
That promise, made with the sincerity and innocence of a child , lay half- forgotten in my mind for more than 20 years.

My guides

I guess I always felt guided in some way, although I wouldn't have called it that.It manifested as a strong sense of being looked after and of never really being alone. Sometimes, I would be impulsed to follow a course of action that appeared ridiculous to both myself and any outward observer. Sometimes, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that certain things were going to happen. Not just in my life but in other peoples too. And indeed, they did. . .

I would hear my guidance as a single voice in my head. When I asked a question,I would receive an answer. At other times, a seemingly random thought or idea would simply pop into my head. These thoughts somehow felt different from my normal thoughts . They had a different energy and often came with an accompanying sense of importance that made them stand out as if highlighted.

Looking back, this all seems quite unusual.It all felt so normal and natural to me that I didn't really give it any thought or speak about my experiences. I was certainly not aware that there was a name for what I did so naturally. It was much later in my life that I heard the term Channeling.

I connected on a far deeper level with my guides in 2001. Introducing themselves as The Circle of Light(they later changed this to The Council of Twelve), they assisted me through an extremely challenging soul-twin relationship which resulted in an apparently unprecedented step for humanity.

This was the Merging and Ascending of two souls through unconditional love while remaining in their bodies on this planet.

My understanding is that a part of my consciousness merged with that of my partner.It is our merged consciousness that Ascended and created a 13th Being who joined The Council of Twelve. This Council of Ascended Masters overlights the Divine Plan for the Ascension of Humanity and Gaia. During this time, my consciousness was expanded to encompass a wealth of beliefs, knowledge and wisdom, much of which I would previously have dismissed.

Through my own direct personal experience it also became clear to me that the more I learned the less I actually knew.
What I do know is that there is so much out there, in the vastness of time, space and all the other dimensions, that our minds can perceive but a tiny fragment.
I could sense the challenge for my guides at times, to simplify a concept and express it in a way that was comprehensible to me.

My guides also lovingly assisted me with the remembering and healing of a childhood trauma. This is now one of the areas in which I specialise in my work as a Complementary Therapist.


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