Transformational Healing Courses

Journeying through the chakras from root to crown


I began working as a complementary therapist in 1993. This was after completing a course in Person-Centred Counselling and a 9 month course in Bi-Aura Energy Healing. Armed with these valuable tools, I went on to develop my own style of spiritual counselling which I use to accompany an energy/ sound healing session.
A client will come to me for a preliminary session during which we identify some of the issues we will work on. And also decide whether we feel comfortable working with each other.

The follow up session begins with a questionnaire and we set some goals and sign up for a course which is generally 12 sessions. Which of course can be extended.


Each session begins with time dedicated to spiritual counselling.During this time we identify blocks, self limiting beliefs, victimhood, insecurities usually embedded in the psyche in childhood – replacing these with affirmations that affirm what the client would like to bring into their life.

I gently encourage clients to take personal responsibility for what the are creating whilst giving them tools of self empowerment to assist them to do so with ease and grace. With the understanding that our thoughts and words are spells creating our reality, the next step is to become conscious about what you are thinking and saying .Choosing your words wisely as a powerful creator of your reality.
The client will lie in a copper pyramid and be safely taken on a beautiful healing sound journey.

These range from meeting and connecting with your inner child, journeying into your Akashic records to heal from this and parallel lifetimes, grounding journey into the centre of the earth, meeting your spirit guides, power animals are just examples of the many journeys offered according to the needs of each client.

Whilst in the pyramid clients are smudged with sage( a herb sacred to Native Americans and used for clearing the aura) and also misted from my range of channelled aura sprays "Goddessences " which are also available to purchase.


The sessions are useful in helping with a wide variety of disorders and illnesses and clients find that after a course of sessions their lives change completely – so much so that they often barely recognise the person they were. Relationships flourish or dysfunctional co- dependencies end, work , home, family are all seen from new and empowered perspectives assisted by the healing sound journeys.

My client-base goes right across the board, including babes in arms, a lady in her nineties, model, artist, actor, yoga instructors, mothers, musicians, children, teachers, film-makers, investment banker, lawyer, diplomat as well as other therapists and healers.

One of the areas that I specialise in, is childhood trauma. I am aware of how deeply this impacts the psyche and every area of a persons life through personal experience .


My aim is always to empower clients, to help them to believe in themselves, to believe that they are enough, and to trust that the earth is a safe place to be with heart wide open giving and receiving love in equal amounts , living the dream ; feet on the ground ,head in the clouds.



Please contact Urtema directly on:
or call on 020 7787 9309 or 07896 340 495.

I also offer remote healing sessions during which I can connect with a client anywhere in the world.


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