Urtema's own range of aura sprays that heal and balance the chakras.



I have felt for a while now that there was to be a new Goddessence which would somehow incorporate all 4 of the  original essences. What I didn’t understand was that the whole would be so much greater than the sum of it’s parts.

In other words using  Alignment Essence is  far more powerful than using the individual 4 Goddessences all at the same time.

My understanding is that as a species, humanity has  now evolved to a place whereby we are able to assimilate far higher frequencies of light than ever before. We are moving into a place where we vibrate at the frequency of light .This is called Ascension.

Ascension in the past has meant leaving the physical and moving into higher plane of existence. Now-because of our evolution we are ascending while remaining on the earth. We are creating heaven on earth. .The ascension  process is facilitated by the reconnection of our transpersonal chakras.
Once connected and aligned, individuals become portals of light and as such assist in raising not only their own vibration but that of all sentient beings on  this planet including Gaia herself.
This is the alignment that Alignment Essence assists in bringing about.



Another significant progression is that we are now awakening to the remembering of ourselves as sparks of divinity. We are recognising ourselves as gods and goddesses incarnated in the physical to experience life on earth. As gods and goddesses we are feeling the thread of divinity connecting us to all life. We see ourselves in the other and all as sacred.

This shift has raised the vibration of all our relationships including our intimate relationships. As our sexual energies heal and harmonise we transmit a longing to merge with another soul in a sacred, conscious, sexual way.
Sacred Union Essence assists in bringing about balance between the feminine and masculine energies within each of us-regardless of gender.

Once this internal balance is established we can attract and experience blissful, sacred union with another.


° ENCHANTED FOREST: Daily Grounding & Balancing (Root chakra)

The Mother Earth energies in ENCHANTED FOREST essence soothe and nurture one's inner child, promoting feelings of peace and serenity, whilst simultaneously ensuring a solid connection to the planet.

ENCHANTED FOREST Essence acts as a gentle encouragement, rekindling lost childhood connections to the magical elemental kingdom. The woody overtones of this Goddessence, with its heady hint of violet, evoke inner visions of cool mossy glades and faery glens.

° GARDEN OF EDEN: Intuition & Ancient Wisdom - Balances the divine masculine and feminine (Sacral chakra)

The energies channeled into GARDEN OF EDEN essence deepen one's connection to ancestral wisdom and intuition.

GARDEN OF EDEN essence also brings into balance the divine masculine and feminine and the left and right sides of the brain; inviting contemplation and meditation, and helping the flow of creativity.
Exotic, with a fresh and fruity floral bouquet, this Goddessence transports one back to the Garden of Paradise.

° CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS: Oneness, Love & Compassion (Heart and Higher Heart chakras)

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS essence assists in bringing in energies that promote feelings of love and compassion along with a sense of oneness. Vulnerability, fear, blockages of the heart and higher heart/ oneness chakra are cleared by the golden ray of Christ, surrounding and protecting one's aura, so that one is both open and protected.

The spikenard, frankincense and myrrh combine to create a sweet, musky, resinous aroma; reminiscent of sacred rituals and spiritual spaces.

° ASCENSION ESSENCE: Connection, Meditation and Healing (Crown chakra)

The Ascended Master Energy channeled into this Goddessence deepens one's connection and ability to communicate with these higher beings. ASCENSION ESSENCE also contains essential Oil of Rose, inviting angels into one's presence.

ASCENSION ESSENCE has a warm, spicy and comfortably familiar fragrance.It raises the vibration of the user , opening the crown chakra and assisting with healing.


How to buy Goddessences
Please contact Urtema directly on: urtema@hotmail.co.uk
or call on 020 7787 9309 or 07896 340 495.


GODDESSENCES came into being in 2004 when I woke up one morning with a strong conviction that I would soon be making something with essential oils.


Over the next few weeks , I downloaded all the information I needed to begin making GODDESSENCES. This included the names of each of the four GODDESSENCES plus detailed recipes.


These recipes were very precise. I was given the name and the exact number of drops of each essential oil. The focus was on sacred numerology, using numbers such as 

33,13 and 8. I was also instructed to channel different energies into each GODDESSENCE along with LOVE and GRATITUDE.


I must stress here that this was all completely new to me. I had never even heard of oils such as oakmoss and violet leaf  and had no idea of their properties, let alone how to use them. However , I had just read an article about SPIKENARD oil which gave me goosebumps and tingles of energy as I read it so was intrigued to find it named as the essential ingredient in every one of the GODDESSENCES.


I then had an interesting time trying to get hold of the stuff. Various leads proved fruitless until one day in the Health Food shop where I was working, a customer requested a selection of essential oils from the labelled drawers behind me . And there it was. I had been a foot away from the Spikenard oil all along, while trying to order it from Hawaii!


I have this funny image in my mind of my guides desperately shouting"look behind you' for days while I went about my work. I know my guides found this very entertaining!


Once I had the Spikenard everything flowed and I excitedly set about making the GODDESSENCES.Starting with brown glass bottles and hand -writing each label, I tested them on myself, my friends, my son and also on clients during healing sessions.The response was so favourable that I began bottling in earnest , taking the GODDESSENCES to Festivals where I would hold experiential playshops which not only gave me valuable feedback but also  allowed all present to feel the powerful effects of the GODDESSENCES both on themselves and on others.


I also channeled the effects of each of the GODDESSENCES and was amazed and delighted to have this channeled information confirmed not only by myself but by all those who tried them.


The feedback I received was overwhelming and positive. GODDESSENCES worked and people wanted to buy them.



Hello Urtema

Thanks for your help on Wednesday. I am so glad I chose one of your

Goddessences to work with. I used it straight away and on Wednesday night had a very powerful and informative dream. Yesterday I had a shift.
So great results...its only been 2 days!


Love blessings and thanks
Belinda Murray









- Every Goddessence contains essential oil of Spikenard, which is the highest vibrating oil on the planet! Spikenard oil is mentioned in the Bible, as the oil used by Mary Magdelene to anoint Christ's hands and feet. Spikenard has been used by many spiritual traditions throughout recorded history for its healing and consciousness raising qualities. Recent scientific studies have confirmed the powerful effects of this precious oil.

- Each Goddessence is made using World Water - this is water that has been collected from thousands of springs, rivers, lakes,oceans and sacred sites around the planet. Connection with the World Water awakens soul-memories of global consciousness and oneness awareness. The amazing qualities of the World Water are then amplified and energised with crystals, precious stones, silver and gold.


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