Thank god it's Friday: Guided Meditation Group

- weekly drop-in by arrangement, London SW2. Call Urtema on 07896 340 495.
£7 per session or £33 for block of six classes paid in advance.


This is perfect for complete beginners, those who have tried meditation but felt they never quite got there and also anyone who wants a little help to get back into their meditation practice. This hour will include guided and silent meditations, reminding us of our divinty and connecting us to our centres where peace and stillness reside. Always.

sahasra chakra symbol: the thousand petalled lotus


Meditation is a pathway to discovering that the core of your being is stillness and peace. With regular meditating the quest for this peace becomes easier; as if a pathway opens up before you and obstacles that previously blocked your path disappear.

The benefits often then permeate into daily life, releasing stress, tension and anxiety which are frequently cited as the causes of many diseases in the western world.


Please contact Urtema directly on:
or call on 020 7787 9309 or 07896 340 495.



Guided Meditation for Connection and Personal Empowerment


Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed.

If you can, light a candle, maybe some incense.

Be comfortable and be relaxed.

Focus on your breathing.

Slow your breath right down.

Close your eyes.

See yourself tall, upright and grounded on the earth like a mighty tree.

See your head,high in the clouds and know that you are free.

Keeping your eyes closed, take a look around...

You hold the keys to your own transformation.

By unlocking your mind, you can release all fears, false beliefs and limitation.

Feel the knowledge and the wisdom that you contain.

Feel yourself as a powerful being of unlimited potential.

Feel yourself as Love. Feel yourself as Light.

Know yourself as the master of your destiny.

Know yourself as the creator of your reality.

Release all that does not serve you in this new version of yourself.

As you create the glorious and joyful life you deserve.

And fill yourself with love and gratitude for all that you are.


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